Jan Willem Polderman, Associate Professor                         

Dr J.W. Polderman Office :  zilverling 3054
University of Twente Phone : + 31 53 489 3438 / 489 3370
Department of Applied Mathematics
Fax : + 31 53 489 3800
P.O. Box 217 Email : j.w.polderman{at}utwente.nl 
7500 AE Enschede

The Netherlands


Systems and Control Course at ITB


Research and interests

My book with Iven Mareels Adaptive Systems: An Introduction

My book with Jan C. Willems An Introduction to Mathematical Systems Theory: A Behavioral Approach

Systems and Control Group (SB)  

Applied Mathematics (TW)

Faculty of EEMCS (El. Eng. Math. Comp. Sc.)

University of Twente (UT)

My kids

Landelijke Master Wiskunde

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